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An Author's Tale

Writing has always been one of my passions. Since I was five years old, I have enjoyed writing realistic fiction and fantasy stories for my family and friends. Almost one year ago, at the age of eleven, I wrote my first novel, fitted for middle-grade readers. 

          One of the reasons I hold writing so dear to me is the passageways it opens, and how I can pour out all my creativity and ideas, and mold them into something for the rest of the world to enjoy.  Writing manifests a world purely of my creation and brings to life wonders only seen in fantasies. To me, my stories are a portal to a new world.  

          The books I have read throughout the years have inspired me to pursue my dreams of being an author. Books are filled with thrilling adventure, baffling mystery, and heroes you only wished were real. I desire to serve my readers with the same emotions embodied in me and make the words and story they gaze at on the pages before them tangible. 

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